Libelle Mail Archive Manual


The Libelle Mail Archive is supplied as binary JAR files which can operate in both unlicensed and licensed modes.

Unlicensed mode

This is the Libelle Mail Archive's default mode when initially installed. All its capabilities are enabled but it will stop loading mail into the archive when it contains more than 50,000 messages.

Unlicensed mode is intended to let you try Libelle Mail Archive to decide how well it matches your requirements. If your mail volume is low and/or you have a policy of not keeping old mail such that you'll never exceed the unlicensed archive size you can, of course, continue to run Libelle Mail Archive in unlicensed mode. However, by becoming a licensed user you'll get notifications of upgrades and improvements to Libelle Mail Archive. We operate a two tier licensing system, with a lower license fee for private and self-employed users.

The loader run statistics will be preceeded with a Note saying that you should think about licensing your copy when it contains more than 40,000 messages. This changes to a Warning when the archive contains over 45,000 messages.

To avoid a possible build-up of unarchived mail you should license your copy of Libelle Mail Archive before it hits the 50,000 limit and preferably before the Note changes to a Warning.

Licensed mode

Once a license has been installed the archive size limit is removed and the loader run statistics are preceeded with a confirmation that your archive is now licensed.

Licensing is an automatic process once a license has been purchased from Libelle Systems. A licensee must supply Libelle Systems with a valid e-mail address and business name. The e-mail address must be one that that is marked in the archive as 'archivable' and 'self'. Libelle Systems will send an e-mail confirming purchase of the license to the licensee. This will be archived in the normal way the next time that the Libelle Mail Archive loader is run. Subsequent runs will display the confirmation that it is now operating in licensed mode.

Of course, once the archive exceeds 50,000 messages the loader will no longer run normally and so cannot load the licensing message. In this situation the following procedure must be used:

  1. Save the licensing e-mail when it is displayed by your mail reader. You must save the complete e-mail including all headers.
  2. Copy the saved license e-mail to the directory where you normally run the Libelle Mail Archive loader
  3. Run the loader with this command:
    runloader -lm=name_of_saved_licensing_e-mail_file
  4. This will load the licensing e-mail into the archive.
  5. The Libelle Mail Archive will now run in licensed mode.

If the installed license is unrecognised, Libelle Mail Archive will continue to operating in unlicensed mode and the archive size limitation will remain in force. If the license is recognised but fails to pass validation checks the loader will stop with a message reporting the license as invalid. In this case, contact Libelle Systems and send us: